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PPR – FR Pipes and Fittings in Syria

Shree Harikrishna is the trade name in the market for manufacturing impeccable quality PPR- FR Pipes and fittings and even other types of pipes and fittings. Our offered pipes and fittings are ISO ensured and we are producing the pipes and fittings according to the International norms. SHK is the trade name decidedly understood in the general market in the nations like Europe, Kenya, Qatar, Bangladesh, Iran, Sri Lanka, Japan, Bahrain, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Algeria. We are even had with offering polyolefin pipe things develops that combines the total get of Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPR-C) Pipes and Fittings for Hot and Cold water relationship of Domestic, PPR warm FR Composite channels, PPCH-Fr Composite Pneumatic funnels and fittings for Chemical Industry.

PPR – FR Pipes and Fittings in Syria FR Pipes and Fittings in Syria

Our offered PPR- FR Pipes and fittings are massively requested in Syria by the clients for their great highlights. Our vital accomplices and the client are measured to be the markdown essentialness to give things, with the SHK stamp name pipes and fittings crosswise over whole Syria and other general market. Certainly, even we have been flourished with the magnificent things to different general markets in Asian, African and Gulf nations. We even give the approaches after relationship for the right execution of our channels.

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